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Posted by Terry Love on April 30, 19100 at 23:43:31:
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: : My problem is my spouse. We get in these terrible arguments when it comes to how home remodel projects should be done. I explain the best way I know, how it should be done. I make little drawings, showing every little detail, and still she doesn't think I know how to do it. To make matters worse, any other person she talks to with a different opinion is right according to her. If she asked the pizza delivery boy, and he disagreed with me, she would side with him! At times, it seems that even the drunk down the street is more respected than me when it comes to home projects. How do I handle this?
: : John

: John,
: First of all John. Can I call you John? I mean no disrespect man, but you didn't leave your last name, and I kinda feel like I know you. Been there and done that man. First off, you just gotta talk to that drunk down the street. I mean right away! Say, Hey drunk! What you telling my wife about remodel? Who does he think he is anyway? Does he know anything about remodel? Does he even have a book on remodel. Me, I got one. I got the Complete Idiot's Guide to Remodeling Your Home written by Terry Meany. Start with the book man. Get the book and HEY! With the book, you don't need your wife talking to no drunk man. Show her the book! Buy here some flowers and cook her dinner. Then just listen to her. My wife says our best conversations are the ones where I just say nothing! Will this work to get your way? Heck! I don't know that! But you could get lucky too ya-know. Mad Plumber

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Remodeling Your Home
written by Terry Meany has added a nice plug for this web site in the low-flow toilet section.

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John and Mad Plumber,
This is a tough one. I hope others can post here and give some tips on how to resolve matters like these. My favorite jobs are the ones where the husband and wife show love and respect to each other. Generally, the men are more spatial, knowing what will fit into an area before the work is done, and the women know colors better. Or maybe the reason men marry women is for their furniture and women wind up with stereos and TV's as a result of the marriage.
What's more important here? Good electronics? or better furniture?
How many men out there are asked to plunge the toilet when it's clogged?
Do you enjoy doing it?
Who enjoys a beautiful bathroom remodel? Does it give you the warm fuzzies inside? How many men appreciate their women looking nice for them? How many women like when their men take out the trash?

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