Re: Shower goes all HOT!
Posted by Terry Love on April 30, 19100 at 22:48:21:
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: We have an old style bathtub w/ two handles for hot and cold and a pull up thing to make the water go to the shower. The problem is that sometimes the water to the shower will all go hot and stay that way no matter how I adjust the controls (I can disengage the shower and the water will be lukewarm out of the normal outlet). The only way to deal with it is to turn the hot off and let the shower run till it's cold and then turn the hot gradually up.. doesn't always work though.

: Do I just need to change the controls to a single style thing, or is there some other fundamental flaw in the plumbing ?

It sounds more like a damaged seal in one of the stems. I would check and repair as needed. Terry

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