sewer gas smell
Posted by Arlice Gallagher on April 30, 19100 at 16:41:28:
We recently moved our business to a remodeled 58,000 sq. ft. building. # new handicapped restrooms were added. After moving in we started noticing the smell of sewer gas in the new office restrooms and the old multi-stall restrooms. The plumbers have been out numerous times. They say that the drain lines are too flat and when many people flush at the same time it sucks the water out of the traps. However, we have noticed that we only smell this on very windy days. So I am thinking it is related to the vent somehow. We have poured buckets of water down those floor drains. One employee thought we should pour bleach down. The plumbers plugged the drains in both new office restrooms but not the others. This still did not help. None of these ideas have done anything to stop the smell. Since the windy days seem to be the factor it just seems to be related to the vents. Would it help to have a curved piece on the top that would look like a candy cane? Or should we just extend it higher? Please send any suggestions to my email address. Thanks. This is located in the Kansas City area.

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