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Posted by Kent on April 29, 19100 at 22:47:11:
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: Hi Cathy,

: : I am installing ceramic tile as a surroud for our new garden tub. How do I join wonderboard with drywall at the top of the tiled area? What product do I use?

: Find the wall studs.
: Pre-drill the wonderboard at these locations.
: Drive stainless steel nails through the wonderboard and sheetrock into the studs.

: Good health, Weogo

Hey Cathy,
I think what you are asking is, what you use as joint compound?
in this case 'Sheetrock'tm. makes a joint compound called "Water resistant compound".
This is a joint compound made for such areas and can be found at Home Depot or other home improv. centers.
the compound is not sandable but is used under tile. You can finish the joint with regular joint compound.

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