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Posted by Tank on April 28, 19100 at 22:38:49:
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: Hi again Tank,

: : Thanks for answering my post about the 53 1/2 inch bath tub. You are correct in suggesting that my cracked tub might, in fact, be a 54 inch tub that measures slightly short. I found out that the original size of this tub was listed as 54 X 40, so the UR tub you suggested sounds fine. Coincidently, Universal Rundle is manufactured right here in my home town in Iowa, but the factory does not sell retail. I think the "Lawton", though narrower than my present tub, would work nicely, but I have not found a local retailer with a UR catalog. Where did you buy your tub? If you have any installation tips that might save me a headache, I would be happy to accept them.

: : Thanks again for the help. This is the first time I have posted a message on a non-computer related message board and I am very pleased that you were here to help me.

: I'm in South Carolina and, with freight and tax, I think my tub came to about $175.
: This was buying it from a local plumbing supplier and picking it up on their dock.

: Probably most plumbing houses in your area will carry UR,
: only a few do around here.
: UR was bought by some other company and maybe because of that it took about three weeks to get my tub.

: 54" is no longer a real common size tub, but when searching I found several manufacturers making them.

: Make sure you get the drain on the correct side!

: Note that tubs come in different widths.
: Make sure what you get will fit!

: The Lawton dimensions are available as a web page or
: you can download a .pdf file:

: The surround I am using is a universal fit plastic model.
: It only goes 55" high so I got some plastic from a buddy of mine who has a plastic shop to add about a foot and a half to it.
: Eventually I will tile the walls.

: I think UR does make a matching surround, maybe another $150 or so?

: Make sure you level the tub.
: The bottom of this tub sits about 7/8" off the floor.
: It is best to put spacer blocks between the bottom of the tub and floor to support the tub.
: Your floor might not be level, so place the tub where it goes, level it and then mark the rim height on the wall.
: Then remove the tub, placed pieces of crumpled aluminum foil under the floor in a few spots and gently lower the tub back in place.
: Carefully remove the tub.
: The foil is squashed to the right height for your shims.
: Cut your shims, stick them in place with a bit of adhesive.
: If you make the shims a quarter inch thin, you can cover them with a piece of 1/4" plywood to help spread the load.

: Last, stuff the tub-to-wall cavities with fiberglass insulation and your tub will stay warm much longer.

: There are more mobile homes per capita in South Carolina than any other state :-(
: When I have to work on them, I replace as much of
: the MH specific stuff as possible with regular plumbing parts.

: Glad to be of help.
: Have fun!

: Good health, Weogo

Weogo, you mentioned that, although 54 inch tubs are hard to find, you found several manufacturers that make them. Could you list a few? The only 54 inch tub I have found is the UR tub. I would like to find a 54 X 40 if I can.

Thanks again, Tank

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