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Posted by Tank on April 28, 19100 at 20:48:44:
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: Hi Tank,

: : i'm working on a house that started out as a mobile home. It has a cracked bathtub. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that still makes a 53 1/2 inch bathtub? The shortest I have been able to find is 54 inches which would necessitate moving a wall.

: :

: Check the actual dimensions on the 54" tubs that are available.

: I'm installing a fiberglass 54" Universal-Rundle 'Lawton' that measures 53 7/8"
: and could easily be shaved down to 53 3/4" or even slightly smaller.

: Can you power-plane the wall studs down a bit for clearance?

: Good health, Weogo

Weogo Reed,

Thanks for answering my post about the 53 1/2 inch bath tub. You are correct in suggesting that my cracked tub might, in fact, be a 54 inch tub that measures slightly short. I found out that the original size of this tub was listed as 54 X 40, so the UR tub you suggested sounds fine. Coincidently, Universal Rundle is manufactured right here in my home town in Iowa, but the factory does not sell retail. I think the "Lawton", though narrower than my present tub, would work nicely, but I have not found a local retailer with a UR catalog. Where did you buy your tub? If you have any installation tips that might save me a headache, I would be happy to accept them.

Thanks again for the help. This is the first time I have posted a message on a non-computer related message board and I am very pleased that you were here to help me.

Cheers, Tank

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