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Posted by Weogo Reed on April 27, 19100 at 23:47:24:
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Hi Joel,

: I just moved into a house with a well. The house was built in
: 1968. The tank appears to be a new tank. The water pressure
: in the house is weak. What could cause this and what do I
: need to do to find out how to fix it without paying someone
: bunches of money just to diagnose the problem?

Low water pressure could be:
The best this system has ever had.

Some possible reasons:
Deep well and under sized/powered pump,
Inadequate electrical service to pump(not real likely,
the pump probably wouldn't last long if this were so),
Very long pipe runs,
Too small pipe,
Switch set for low pressure, defective switch.

Over time, pipes could be corroding internally and restricting flow.
The pump could be worn out.

Is there a spigot near the well that you can turn on?
This will let you know if all is well at that point.

Bypass the pressure switch and let pump run for a few minutes and
see if pressure comes up.
Be careful! High voltage!

Good health, Weogo

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