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Posted by Rick Fink on April 27, 19100 at 23:40:11:
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Curt, Did you complete this project yet? I am curious as to the outcome. I am looking at doing a similar system.


: Yeah, I know you could design the system, then look at the gpm of each sprinler head in each zone, etc, etc, However, I am probably going to install a pump just supplying some lines to run big standalone sprinklers this year, then see about sinking more money in for the inground system. I suspect for a given size property, the pump requirements are fairly predictable. So I wanted to get something that looks like it would take care of the inground irragation system.

: : You should design the lawn irrigation system first and then provide a pump that will supply its needs. While designing it, you should also consider the potential pumps that are available within your budget. It is sort of a catch 22, since one will affect the other.

: : : Anyone have some suggestions for a pump for an lawn irragation system. I would like to pump out of my pond. I don't need much suction lift. I have approximately 3600 sq ft of lawn. I would like to know typical gpm and pressure requirements for a lawn sprinkler system.

: : : Thanks in aadvance.

: : : -Curt

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