Re: Replacing "Standard" Cast Iron Tub With Shower Base (Receptor)
Posted by Joan on April 27, 19100 at 10:43:51:
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: : : I am replacing a "standard" 30x60 cast iron tub and want to buy a new shower base (receptor), and it can't be some cheap fiber glass. I will only accept cast iron, steel, or cultured marble, or Swanstone.
: : : I have located only 1 base that is this size (Swanstone), however, it is barrier free and has the drain in the wrong position.

: : : A "standard" drain is about 14" from the wall, not 15". I have gone and measured the drains on new cast iron bath tubs and sure enough they are 14" too.

: : : Where can I find a manufacturer wise enough to make a shower base that will retrofit the millions of cast iron bath tubs.

: : : Unless you can help me it is looking like I will have to build my own shower base out of ceramic tile. I can't move the drain since it is set in concrete.

: : Phil, There is no such word as can't. You can do it or hire it done. I do it all the time. You may just have to work a little harder than you thought but it will be worth it. It shouldn't take more than 4 hrs to move this drain. Dale Peck LMP

: Right on!
: Nothings impossible, I always say. Some things just take more time and money. Sometimes it less money to just bite the bullet and go for it.
: I have seen a shower pan that replaces a tub, but even with these, you would need to break concrete. Terry
: I am also looking for a cast iron shower base. Has anyone seen one? Somewhat flexible about size and drain placement. Thanks.

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