Re: qest pipes
Posted by Jim McDonald on April 26, 19100 at 20:23:57:
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: : My home was built in 1988 with QEST compression fittings (which utilize the plastic ferrule and metal ring) and Qest piping. Within a year I began experiencing leaks. As time went on the leaks got worse and I suffered thousands of dollars of repairs. The leaks always occurred on the hot water lines, when the tubing would become soft and the metal ring in the compression fitting would cut into the pipe. I contacted two different claims agents for the class action suits but was told each time that my plumbing was not covered since I had used the U.S.Brass Qest compression fittings. However it was clearly the pipe itself that failed each time. I have noticed that the grey Qest is no longer sold which is what was used in my home. Is there any recourse for me to reclaim my losses.


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