odor in bathroom that comes and goes
Posted by chris on April 26, 19100 at 19:42:54:
there is an odor in bathroom that smells like sewer gas (strong urine and mildew odor) cbs const. fla.,
home on concrete slab,built and finished-june 99. smell is coming from vents and area of ceiling. our
builder came over and said it smelled like sewer gas,and there could be a cracked or pitched pipe
in wall. my concern is that our house also has propane gas pipes-water heater,etc.could you please
advise us concerning this as to your expertise. also the odor comes and goes,but when it comes it
reeks for one-two hours. it mostly happens around 4:oo p.m. the bldr stated he was sending someone
over yesterday,but no show. thanks, chris

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