Re: faucet supply line help !!! PLEASE!!
Posted by hj on April 26, 19100 at 08:26:00:
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Just tighten it a little bit more. It seals without teflon tape. Also check whether the 3/8 seal has a rubber gasket in it or if it is a brass connection. The brass ones have to be securely tightened in order not to leak.

: I just installed a new shutoff valve.. (I AM A COMPLETE NOVICE) the top connector is a 3/8".. So I bought a supply line that is 3/8" to a 1/2" connector on my hot water part of the sink.. The only think that leaks is where the 3/8" connector side is.. I wrapped the shut off valve's 3/8" with 2-3 wraps of teflon. I hand tightened it and then gave it abour a 1/4 turn with a wrench.. I checked it 3-4 hours after installation and it wasn't leaking.. Then I check at midnight which would be about 12 hours later and it had dripped a little from that connection and was damp.. What am I doing wrong? Please help a novice out.

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