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Thanks very much. I will give it a try...

: The small knob will come off, either it snaps off or has a screw. Under it is a round plastic piece with teeth that engages similar teeth in the large handle. You can pull it out and turn it further to the left and reinstall it to allow more hot water while still controlling the maximum temperature possible. I do not suggest removing it entirely since that will bypass the maximum temperature safety feature, but if no small children or elderly people use the shower, then it is not quite as important to control the maximum temperature.

: : I don't know the model (didn't see any #'s), but, I can describe it...round monitor saying "Delta - on-volume control-off-Monitor" around the edge (circular). It also has a brown, scalloped, circular knob in the middle (for temp control saying "temperature control" w/ arrows going down both sides) and a straight lever (handle) that goes to the side for on/off.

: :
: : : Which model Delta. One has a small screw on the cartridge that controls the maximum temperature. Others have adjustable cams in the handle that do it.

: : : : Hi,

: : : : I am REALLY hoping you can help me, and soon. I have been having a problem getting enough of "hot" water from the shower head (probably over 4 months). I turn it all the way to the end (it's a Delta) but, still it's warm. Sometimes, (I can count on one hand), it has come out hot, where I come out of the shower pink (how I'd like it to be all the time). I just had it fixed, too. Don't know exactly what the guy did, but he put a new part on the handle (knob) end of things. It comes out a lot "harder" now, but not necessarily "hotter."

: : : : Please write back soon. If there's a way to adjust it myself, please give a tip. My landlady will not go for any other repairs. Thanks so much....

: : : : Rachel

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