Reliance 501 water heater
Posted by Douglas Palaschak on April 25, 19100 at 17:58:25:
I moved into a house that has been vacant for 5 months. It has 2 water heaters. When I opened the valved to the one in the bathroom, water squirted out a hole in the top. Hmm. I see that this hole is about 1/8 inch in diameter at the close edge of the sorta spherical top. Looks like a relief port to prevent the tank from distorting in the event of an internal leak - which I seem to have. Is this repairable. The water heater looks quite new. I found a guy who said that he came here one day before I got here and found water running all over the floor and he turned off the valve. Also, the power was off for a while and then turned on again. I am wondering if something overheated. What is this hole for and can this be fixed?

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