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Posted by Cathy on April 25, 19100 at 15:26:37:
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: What is the redommended method for heating tiles? We are installing 16 x 16 tile in our den. We are on an existing slab. Can you tell me anything about the quality of heating mats?

Jennie, I am by no means an expert but I have done a lot of research on floor heat lately. We are remodeling our master bath and are adding electric radiant heat under the new ceramic tile floor.

There are several types of floor heat. You can have either electric or the type that uses hot water pumped through tubes in the floor. If you choose electric, you have the option of using rolls of heat material or mats. There are also different types of rolled material. Some can be used for whole house heat and some for smaller areas like bathrooms.

We chose Warmly Yours ( because they had the type of rolled heat that we wanted and they gave us a free room diagram for installation as well as a quote via the internet. They have very reasonable rates and provide phone support during installation.

Warmly Yours has the mats that you need. They also have an online price list and a form to send for more info.

You can find a great deal of info by searching the web. Search for "electric radiant floor heat" or just "radiant floor heat" to get returns for all types.

Hope this helps.

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