Have slab home, wont dig.
Posted by Rex Sansfacon on April 25, 19100 at 13:53:58:
We purchased an earth shelter home that is built on a slab. The people we purchases the house from had installed only 1 bathroom. For the two of them it was fine, but for the 5 of us its not. I have room to add a 1/2 bath in the utility room, how can I plumb a toilet without cutting the floor. To top things off, there are no blue prints of the plumbing or the house. I found an American Standard that flushes out the back. Can that be used? I'm thinking that the nearest drain is 1 1/2" sch40. If I had to cut the floor, is there a way I can trace the under slab plumbing before cutting and digging? Any and all help is appreicated.

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