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Posted by TK on April 24, 19100 at 10:33:54:
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You don't glue copper pipes...

When did you buy the condo? While I have not owned a condo, my understanding is that you pay maintenance fees for building upkeep, heat, etc. I would contact whoever you pay these fees to and discuss the problem with them.

In any case, you have to turn off the water supply at some point before the toilet supply valve (maybe the main for the entire building, but unlikely). I would assume there is a main water valve for your unit somewhere in the utility area of your building/unit.

If there is no 'nut' or object that looks like it could be turned with a wrench, the valve has been soldered to the copper pipe. If so, it needs to be removed and replaced. If there is a 'nut' like object where the valve is mounted to the pipe, either a little tightening (which doesn't require water to be turned off) will help or remove and replace it (a 5 minute job). I wouldn't try fixing this yourself, unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing. The possible consequences are not worth the hassle.

You have to turn the water off to fix this. If it is leaking a bit now, it is entirely possible that the entire valve will pop off the copper pipe and flood your unit and any below you.

: For now I do not plan to take the pipe and joints apart. I was thinking more like applying the glue to the outside of the pipe (my pipe is copper) and see if that would seal the leak. Unfortunately my neighbors are old retired people and they are always home. There is no good day to pick...
: :(
: Thanks for your help!

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