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Posted by hj on April 23, 19100 at 19:33:45:
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Forget about all the caveats, etc. You are covered for 12 years from construction. (with a thirteenth year to report problems during the twelve years. Call the 800 number and submit yor claim. Also send the repair bills for the leaks, since they will usually pay for them also.

: Terry, My house was built in 1989. I guess not too
: long after this suit was filed. I am just now starting
: to have problems. In the past month I have had 3 new
: and completely different leaks. Is it too late for me
: to join in on the suit? I thought that this piping
: was outlawed before 1989. Any and all information
: will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Johnny

: 7612 Pontiac Dr.
: Pensacola, FL 32506

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