Re: Very Slow Leak at Pipe Joints
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP on April 23, 19100 at 09:21:55:
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: I have a very slowly leaking pipe joint in the bathroom at the toilet where the main water supply comes in to feed the toilet tank. Which one is the best plumber's glue on the market I could buy? Should I use a plumber's glue at all? Does anybody have experience with glue? I do want to be able to disassemble the joints in the future if I have to, therefore, I am afraid to apply the glue. The pipe joints are under pressure, and I know I should replace the joint itself as a permanent solution, but I live in a condo, and believe it or not, if I want to turn the water off while doing the repair, my neighbours would be without water, too. So I am trying to find a glue that would do the job. (The leak is really just one drop every other day or so. I know it will probably get worse in time.)
: Any help is appreaciated!

Kathy, Pick a day when the neighbors are at work to shut off the water. They would appreciate you fixing the leak before it floods there apartment. It should take 30 mun to replace this valve. Use glue that is for the pipe you have. It may be cpvc or pvc. Do not glue pex pipe. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

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