Re: clogged toilet commodes
Posted by hj on April 22, 19100 at 10:37:49:
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You probably do not have the proper kind of snake for a toilet. And after this mcuh time has elapsed, the best thing is to remove the toilet, turn it upside down and look for the obstruction. Possibly a pen, comb, toy, or bottle, etc., and remove it.

: My toilet commode has been stopped up since Christmas of 1999. It will not take down toilet paper or heavy and solid feces. I must plunge after allowing the waste to sit for a while with washing powder and bleach. Then I plunge and flush several times. Then it goes somewhere. The bowl looks clean,but I smell a stinch when I enter my home. What can I do to clean-up my sewage line? I canot afford a plumber. I do have a"Snake".

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