Re: Gerber Toilets: Special Gasket?
Posted by Scott Bryan on April 20, 19100 at 09:10:55:
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: Does anyone know if Gerber toilets require a "special" tank-to-bowl gasket? I recently replace the flush valve and, therefore, the gasket. The HW store had 2 kinds and I got both. Both leak like a seive. I put the old one back and it worked, but had a small leak (probably induced when I removed it or because of age). I can't tell by looking if the old one is significantly different from the new ones I bought.

: Thanks in advance!

Dave, Gerber close couple gaskets are "Special" I handle 4 different gaskets for the gerber depending on the model. If you can find what model toilet you have I'll give you the proper gerber number and you may be able to find it a gerber dealer near you.


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