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Posted by Curt on April 19, 19100 at 10:52:50:
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I have a Toto CST 703 or maybe it was the 704 (one is the round bowl, the other elongated). It has worked great - better than the old 3.5 gal/flush thing it replaced.

Happy Flushes,

: Our condo association is considering replacing the 3.5 gallon toilets with 1.6 gallon ones. The water district has a deal that costs only $30 for each toilet, but they offer only 4 models. I was wondering which one is the best.

: The condos are 2 story with an upper unit and lower unit, built around 1979 and we're in the San Diego area where the water is quite hard.

: The offered models are:

: Toto - CST 703
: St. Thomas Creations- Marathon
: Sterling (Kohler)- Windham
: Western - Aris

: Thanks for the help.

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