New tub won't drain
Posted by chris m on August 10, 1998 at 00:33:32:
I have installed a new tub in my bathroom but it will not drain. It drains nicely for about 20 second then stops. The tub replaces another tub but because the drain is on the other side of this new unit I had to put in some new plumbing. Per some advise from this forum I put in a new vent because the old vent was over 5 feet away. New vent is only 18 inches away from p trap and goes stright up the wall. I used 2 inch pipe to slope to where the old tub connected to the house drain.
At first I thought I had a vent problem but I dont think it would drain at all if it were a vent issue. The other reason why I hope it is not a venting issue is because when I disconnected the drain line where it dumps into the house drain the water comes crashing out. This point is 5 feet downstream of the vent. Is my reasoning correct?
Could it be the house drain that is causing the problem. I see very little slope before the two inch drain line dumps into a 5 inch cast iron pipe.
Any ideas???

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