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Posted by brian on April 18, 19100 at 20:33:53:
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: I'm remodelling 3 bathrooms in my 50's vintage house that has a 4" cast iron main. The 4" begins with the BR's & runs about 25-30' before the 2" high-use run (dishwasher, washer, kitchen sink) connects to it. From what I have read, I should be careful selecting a new low-flow toilet to replalce my old 50's vintage Amer. Std. toilets (?gpf) when connecting them to this kind of drain (have had no clog problems w/ the current ones). I've spoken w/ TOTO and they tell me that the run-out of their UltraMax carrying 2" plastic balls is 60' on 4", smooth wall plastic drain material w/ 2% slope. I can't tell if this is sufficient, and they're not making any guarantees. Should I opt for a pressure-assisted unit, or what? I'd like to avoid the trial-and-error method of replacement and haven't budgeted for replacement of a perfectly functional cast iron drain. Do you have any recommendations?

first of all a pressure assisted toilet will help with the waste going through the toilet but when it is in the drain pipe it is the same situation as a gravity flow toilet. just go with the toto as long as the main has proper grade etc.

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