Posted by John Palmitese on April 18, 19100 at 17:22:08:
A week ago I installed an electric 40 gal. tank. After installation, I checked all faucets for running water, all were fine and in working order after the air was purged from the system. Now, the bathroom hot water faucet is a drizzle (cold is full pressure) as if something is stuck in the pipes. The washer, which may share the same line is also a trickle on hot water cycle. All other faucets are working fine.

I did use someone's tip on soaking up existing water in the copper pipe before sweating joints etc.. I put a piece of bread in to soak up excess.

When job was completed, I did experience a blockage at the kitchen sink when air was depleted and water force was present. I pulled off the aerator and cleaned the "bread" out and it worked fine. Now what?

Thanks in advance.

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