"New" pvc leach line material
Posted by Frank Braunlich on April 17, 19100 at 19:04:52:
I was advised that there is new material used for leach lines that do not use the traditional perforated pipe and rock to generate the permeability required for leach lines. I believe certain counties including San Diego (and perhaps even California) have recently approved use of this material described as a "crown" or "A" shaped pvc material in which the typical 18" wide by 36" deep excavation is completed and then 10 foot sections of this "crown" material are locked together in the excavation and functions as the leach line. If you have or can refer me to this process and material supplier, please do so at my Email address, FrankdelRees@aol.com Thank you, Frank Braunlich, Playa del Rey, CA 90293

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