Re: gut bathrooms in condo?
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP on April 16, 19100 at 09:35:24:
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: Good day, I recently purchased a condo w/ 2 bathrooms that are set up the same (sinks, toilets and shower stalls) but divided by a wall ie master bath, and hall bath. I am wanting to install a shower in place of the wall and only having one shower . and then rearrange the toilets and sinks. Am I going to be able to rearrange pipes under the floor w/o being a nuisance to the people below me. Basically what my questions are is can I reposition the bathroom drains. Is that even possible?

Dennis, changeing the layout of the bath needs to be looked over carefully. determine if you have to cut the floor joists for 3" pipe for the toilet. Drilling for the shower or lav will be no problem.You will make a little noise for the neighboe as you will have to take up the floor and nail it back down among a lot of other noise such as drilling and sawing ect.Just don't work during there favorate tv show.LOL Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

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