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Posted by hj on April 14, 19100 at 10:04:32:
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Only a "mad plumber" would suggest a process that would take many hours, who knows how much money, and when you got done, you would still have a water heater that could fail tomorrow, (if it is not already leaking). Mad Plumber must work for the Government, since that is the only agency I know of that delights in wasting money. And if so, then we know what drove him "mad".

: Don't listen to these people writing below this answer. Here's what you do. Remove the metal cover of the heater and inspect. Turn it upside down and check the bottom, oh Yeah, drain it first. Get a drain pan and stick that down on the floor before you puts the water heater back. This way if the repair is no good, it won't ruin the house...I hope. Replace the anode rod, the small little pipey things out of the top, and a new T&P. Put the metal cover back on if can't see cracks at the weld joints. Oh yeah, before you start, make sure the power is off. Put everything back. It may not last long, but it may last more than a day. Mad Plumber

: : "Flower of its life"? 15 years is about 105 in dog years and water heater years. It has given its all to you let it expire peacefully or call Dr. Kevorkian. Buy a new heater. hj

: : : Mark:--Take your hat off and place it over your heart(if your not wearing a hat an open hand will do). Put on your most somber are experiencing the death throws of your trusty 15 year old heater.
: : : Hopefully your water heater had good sense enough to execute a "Living Will" before being struck down in the flower of it's life.
: : : This "Will" would preclude any "Heroic Measures" to resusitate, intubate or prolong the misery that has beset it.
: : :
: : : Investing time or money in a "terminally ill" water heater is for the most part an excercize in futility. Far better to invest those funds in a brand new heater that has the very best warranty that you can find....RIP.
: : : Lots of luck..Bud.

: : :
: : : My water heater is leaking from the inside. I replaced the valve about a year ago. It's at least 15 years old and probably ready to be retired. Any ideas on what's causing the leak and whether or not it's worth repairing? Thanks.

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