Re: Bathtub drain--PLEASE HELP
Posted by Terry Love on April 13, 19100 at 23:33:30:
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: My bathtub drains VERY slow (1 shower approx. 6 hours) It is not clogged because it has done it before and all of a sudden work and then stop again. But here is the real question, The overflow cover with the switch like thing that suppose to open and close the drain it is just loose, I mean you push it down and goes right back up like it is not connected to anything. I took the cover off and pulled it up the pipe, (I have no idea what it suppose to look like so I am gonna explain) The plate with the toggle thing is connected to a rod that goes down to a spring and that is it, does there suppose to be a stopper or something on the end. If so is there anyway of getting that stopper out. I am so confused. Someone please help me. I dont even know what the pipes (diagram) would look like behind a bathtub. Thank you--Wade

You may have the stopper down there at the bottom. Some tub drains attach the stopper to the rod. Some have a spring at the bottom of the rod, that pushes down on a levered pop-up drain. The levered pop-up drain can be lifted from the lower part of the tub drain. If your is like the picture, you may need to get some wire, bend a hook into it, and fish it out. Terry

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