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Posted by Terry Love on April 13, 19100 at 12:04:34:
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: : I apologize in advance if this horse has been beaten before but,

: : We recently moved into a new house with a 1.6 gpm low flow toilet. It always clogs up. Is there some way I can modify it to provide a more powerful flush? or do I have to replace the whole thing? Manuel

: Manuel,
: It depends on the model. Do these clogging crummy pieces of poorly made china vessels have a name, Terry

The only name I could find was Mansfield (it looks like the Mansfield model
in your report). You'll have to excuse my pace, but I'm e-mailing you from

I talked to the Washington State rep for Mansfield a couple weeks ago. He recommends using single ply paper and pre-flushing. He also mentioned that the flush valve can easily be changed out with the 3.5 gallon flush version. This of course defeats the 1.6 code. He did say, that in his opinion, that they were the best flushing toilets on the market. A local plumber in Redmond, Jim Stickler, changes the flush valve on the Mansfield, with a standard replacement valve and flapper assembly. This also uses more water. Other options could include replacement with a different brand and/or model. Mansfield does make a pressure assist
that works very well.

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