Re: How do I remove my kitchen faucet for replacement?
Posted by dick on April 12, 19100 at 11:40:47:
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First: Check with regular open end wrenches to get the exact size of the nut. you won't have room to turn it with this wrench, you are just checking size. Then go to an auto parts store and buy a "Crow foot" wrench in this size. Borrow several socket extensions and a breaker bar from somebody that works on cars. This will get a lot more force on it than a basin wrench.

If that fails, go back to the auto parts store and ask for a "nut splitter" . This will be awkward to get in place, you'll need a ratchet wrench to operate it and you may not have room enough to get it in place. but if you can get it in place, it will split the nut and get it off real quick.

Otherwise, disassemble as much of the faucet as possible and drill from the top. You will need to buy one or more larger bits with shanks machined down to fit your drill. Use a bit that is about the same size as the id of the nut (probably 1/2 to 3/4"). don't try to run these bigger bits in a 2500+ rpm drill. if you don't have a drill that runs less than 1200 rpm you'll have to buy or borrow one (even that speed is to fast, but it is manageable as long as your only drilling brass).

: I purchased a new faucet to replace my current one in the kitchen. It seemed a simple job as described in the directions contained in the new package. The problem is removing the old faucet. I've tried greasing the nuts holding the old faucet on. I am using a basin wrench to no avail. They are really stuck on there. Any tricks to remove them?

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