Re: chip in bathroom sink -- repair?
Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing on April 11, 19100 at 19:30:26:
In response to Re: chip in bathroom sink -- repair?
Hilda:--There is a material on the market that may be just the thing needed to make the repair that you have in mind. Try epoxy putty according to the instructions. Available at most Plumbing Supply places...perhaps the Home Depot or Lowes.
Lots of luck...Bud.

The sink in my bathroom that has a chip about the size of a quarter, and a depth of about 1/4 inch. It is on the underside where the water drain pipe comes down. Is it possible to "fill in" this area so that it will be leak proof. I would rather not replace the whole sink if I don't have to.

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