Re: DEVASTATED!!! Flooded bathroom and fatally allergic to mold!
Posted by Terry Love on April 11, 19100 at 00:26:10:
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: Terry:
: It sounds to me like the problem is FAR worse than just a wet mopping of the bathroom floor.
: And anyway, the problem is not really mold spores or any other allergy. Bill

The one with the home that flood is concerned with mold. Terry

: It sounds to me (walls wet up to 1 foot high, water in the duct work) like the potential for
: severe structural damage is there. You can bet that the building materials inside the home
: are NOT water/weather proof. Bill

I read the part about being one foot up the first time I read it. I didn't miss that. Most home products do fine with water. Even lot's of it. If there is a problem, it should show up soon. Particle board has problems with water. Most plywoods can withstand constant water. Terry

Ductwork is galvanized, yes but with that much water is is
: sure to rust. Bill

Galvanized pipe it tougher than that. If it rusted that easily, there wouldn't be much left anywhere. Terry

: Now, I agree that some people will spill a cup of water and run around calling it a FLOOD.
: But let's assume that Ed is right in his description.

: If so, his homeowners insurance should take care of the necessary repairs and, if they
: want to go try to recover their costs from the plumbers, let 'em! Bill

The first recourse should be with the contractor. If there is a problem, it should be discussed with him. Lawyers had been mentioned as a solution. I grew up with mealtime discussions of courtroom procedures, told by my father, a lawyer, and later a judge. His feeling was that too many people took simple problems into court expecting easy satisfaction from everyday problems. In this case, the damage is over "fear" of mold. The solution is to "dry out" the home. When someone sues, my father said, it should be with the expectation of receiving compensation. If going to court isn't with that in mind, but rather with the thought of punishment for stupid or careless behavior, they may be disappointed. One thing I remember from my father that stayed with me was, " Count the time you would spend on this lawsuit. Can you spend the same amount of time doing something you enjoy and produce a similar dollar amount. Why would you spend time doing something as painful and hurtful as fighting someone in court instead of doing the things you love. " Judge Melvin V. Love, retired Captain, WWII vet

How much does it cost to clean and dry out the home?
Is there any lasting damage? By this I mean;
Has the underlayment expanded?
Are there permanent water stains?
Is carpet damaged?
Has the contractor been asked to take care of these things?

If the greatest problem is fear of mold in a new home, rest assured, that will not be the problem. Terry

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