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Posted by Michael on April 10, 19100 at 20:01:31:
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: : I have a clogged drain and wanted to take the drain cover and stopper off to clean out hair, etc.
: : It is not connected to a lever below the spout. I can get the handle(?) off of the top of the drain stop but not the stop itself. Any clues how to get it off??
: : Thanks

: This may be what they call a tippie toe drain
: stopper and can be unscrewed or take the overflow
: cover off and take a coat hanger wire and reach
: in and you may be able to pull the stopper up
Thanks but let me explain further. I unscrewed the chrome knob on top
thinking that I could then lift up the chrome piece
that actually stops the drain. The stopper itself
is what I am trying to remove. It turns but does not unscrew. Am
I explaining myself? I am obviously not a plummer:)
Is there a secret to removing the stopper itself??
Thanks again

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