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Posted by dick on April 10, 19100 at 16:55:10:
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probably a connection to some old plumbing. But it seems odd that it would be right in front of the stairs. a poor place to put a drain connection to a septic tank or something similar. Are the stairs original?? or have they been moved? Regardless,, I could not sleep until i removed the plug and found either gold and diamonds or 60 year old sewerage. Please let us know what you find.. Enquiring minds want to know!


: We were removing loose paint from the basement floor and found a mysterious knob or plug at the bottom of the stairs. It's right in front of the stairwell by the outside wall adjacent to the garage. You practically step on it coming down the stairs.

: It is on the opposite side of the house that the gas boiler and the sewer connection are. It looks like a steel cap of some sort. It has some soft material around it and will move around slightly when proded but it does appear to be connected to something below it.

: The house was built in 1931 and is in New Jersey. I have the permit history of the house and it shows that a gas burner was installed in 1946. Could this be an old oil tank? Some connection to the sewer? I've never had an older house before and have no idea what it could be. I'm a little afraid to tamper with it because it has obviously been painted over so many times that I don't think anyone has touched it for decades. We've had the house 4 yrs and prior to that it belonged to one family.

: Any help figuring out this mystery would be appreciated.

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