side by side baths need gut and replacing
Posted by Stephanie on August 07, 1998 at 11:54:14:
I live in a home built on a slab. On the lowest level (that is on the slab) is a group of 4 bedrooms and a central open space with an unusual idea for a bath conceived and executed by the prior owner. As he had 4 teenagers, he divided his bath (sort of European style) so that in one room (5' X 7'10") there is a tub/shower and a sink set in a vanity. In the other room (4'9" X 6'6") there is a toilet and sink set in a vanity. Of course, this really puts four rooms on one bath. We want to put two full baths (one with a small shower and one with a small tub) in the two existing rooms. We do not need the space under the vanities as there is a ton of storage room elsewhere on this floor. We are not sure that we can do this and are less sure about how to lay this out to best use our septic system. Our goal is to make this 2 liveable baths, nothing fancy, and keep the cost down. All ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

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