Re: DEVASTATED!!! Flooded bathroom and fatally allergic to mold!
Posted by Terry Love on April 09, 19100 at 20:13:48:
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: : You have not said whether the home is now giving you problems with allergies. Experience tells me that mold is a spore. With a new home, I wouldn't expect to find mold spores. Many a new home is constructed during the rainy season. I live in the Seattle area, so I know a bit about this. Water itself is not the problem. I would get the home dried out, and wait a bit before I worried. If everything in the home is new, there should be no lasting problem. Terry

: : : I recently bought a brand new manufactured home, and before I even spent my first night there, two individuals from the plumbing company (I don't know if the individuals were even plumbers themselves) flooded out my bathroom. Apparently, one turned on the water in the sink to clear the lines from air, and he didn't realize the plug was in the sink until the entire bathroom was flooded! Water was everywhere under the house! And The bathroom walls were wet about a foot high! And the plumbers weren't even goin gto tell me, until I asked why there was water all under my house, and why it had been dripping for about 10 or 15 minutes. And the insulation under the home has been dripping wet for a week now (the home has an underbelly, which prevents the insulation from drying). And, even worse, my air conditioning vents are on the floor, and apparently they got filled with water! I have been using my shop vac for a week to suck out literally cups and cups of water everyday from the vents. I am not sure what I should do. The only reason I bought a new home (it's my first new home) was because I am fatally allergic to four different types of mold, and I just cuoldn't chance buying a used home. Personally, I would like my home replaced, but legally, I don't think this is possible. I don't even know what to ask at this point, I am just devastated. Help!

: You should be ,there is nothing worse than to buy
: something , that you have saved and srimped and
: then end up with a ruiuned .home The 1st thing you should
: should have done is call a Lawyer and a certified
: plunbing company and presented the mobile home
: dealer with a problem . along with the mold you
: may have more problems. Ask the dealer if he
: would like to live in for fears and years. Ed

Some people live in fear their whole lives. Doesn't change much for them. I think the correct way to view this, is to get to solution.

Water does not create mold.
Mold needs water.
Mold needs food.
Mold is a spore.
Mold needs, spores, food, water.
If there are no previous mold spores, there is no mold.
Once the water is gone, mold cannot be supported.
If you assume, that everytime someone wet-mops the bathroom, kitchen, or entry it will create mold, you will fearing common everyday cleaning procedures that take place in every other home.

Open the windows for a day.
Turn up the thermostat for the heater, not the cooling.
Have the blower running.
Heat and wind do wonders for drying.
If the windows are closed, the water vapor will stay in the home.
If the insulation under the home has trapped water, you may need to open the covering up to air dry it, and then re-seal.
I hope the rest of you reading this haven't been frightened into not cleaning your homes on a regular basis. Terry