Re: Kitchen Sink Slow Draining
Posted by Dick Miller on April 08, 19100 at 18:06:37:
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: Recently, my kitchen sink has been draining slowly. If I take any implement such as a knife and break the surface tension at the drain, then the water drains just fine. The speed of the water coming from the faucet can make a difference also. If it is slow, the water drains ok; when the speed is fast, immediately, the sink begins to fill and drains very slowly or not at all. The dishwasher drains ok with no back up into the sink. Is this an air gap problem? The plastic Y connecting the dishwasher and the disposal looks to have no way of entry (one solid piece) for cleaning the hoses; do I have to go under the sink and remove the hoses from the Y connector? If so, what is the easiest way to disconnect and clean them?
: If this not an air gap problem, is this a plumbing vent stack problem such as a bird's nest sitting on top of the vent outside. I would think then, the dishwasher would not drain well either, which is not the problem.
: Many thanks for any ideas. Suzan

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