plastic bath tiles
Posted by Jennifer on April 08, 19100 at 17:41:44:
HELP! I'm being sued by my ex-landlord. My husband, my three children and I rented a house for two
and a half years. Before that only the landlord's grandmother lived there. The house was built in 1948 and the
bathroom had thin plastic tiles on every wall that were originally green but he painted them white. Soon
after we moved in the paint started coming off. By the end of our stay there the tiles were bulging out
from the shower wall and beginning to fall off. On the walls that were not surrounding the tub the grout was
starting to squeeze out. We took all precautions neccesary with bath rugs and shower curtains.
Do you think that this kind of tile is appropriate for showers or tubs? And what is the history on plastic
tile. I had never even seen it till then. We have to prove it was not our negligence that caused the damage.
Any advice?

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