Bathroom in Basement
Posted by Stephen on August 06, 1998 at 14:06:22:
I have a basement that was 'plumbed' in for a future bathroom. It currently has a vent/stack pipe leading up, the bucket for a sewage pump, and the piping for a toilet and shower already buried into the concrete. There is also a pvc pipe hanging from a wall with the term 'ejector vent' hand written on it, but it is not tied into any of the work on the basement floor.

My question is, how does the sewage pump work in tandem with the water fixtures. I am a little light in this area, but if I understand correctly, all the water and sewage waste flows into the pump, and then the pump discharges it above. But to where?? The sewage line is about 14 feet above the floor. Should the pump discharge pipe be tied to this 'ejector vent'.

Thanks for your help.

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