Re: American standarg cadet vrs crane toilets
Posted by hj on April 07, 19100 at 23:18:33:
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My opinion, and it just an opinion, is that since Crane bought out a competitive brand manufacturer, their performance has dropped. They were one of the top brands years ago and their prices reflected it. These days I use A/S or Kohler if I want a better quality. Crane is just about the last brand I will fall back on.

: Terry, I am doing two motels. need 130 am st cadets1.6 gal gravity toilets. The supply house has 6 mo to fill order. Today they said if there is a problem getting them would Crane do? I have no idea if crane is equal to am st cadet. I told him i wanted am st.Do you have information on crane vrs am st cadet 1.6 gravity toilets. Thank you. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc. LMP

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