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Posted by hj on April 07, 19100 at 09:36:48:
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If they have not started yet, don't let them start until you call another plumber and get a second, or third, estimate. Local conditions will affect the final price.

: I have a collapsed sewage pipe about 8 feet from the main line, into the house. They have had to use a camera to locate the problem, dig out the front flower bed to locate the main line opening, jack hammer up a section of my bedroom floor slab, dig and replace the bad pipe, put everything back together again and put a cap on the main line that will be just above flower bed level for future servicing. It will probably take about 12 hours all told. The estimate seems high but I'm an elderly lady living alone and I'm kind of stuck because I can't use any water in the house that goes down the drain and I have sewage backed up in my tub and shower. I know plumbers don't work cheap and I expected to be charged a lot, but the estimate seems very high to most people I have talked to. I should have gotten a second or third opinion, but with my house all backed up, plus the diagnostic expenses I have already incurred, I felt rather trapped. Can anyone in the business give a fair guess about how much something like this should cost?

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