Opinions Please: Dark or Black Bathroom Fixtures, Pro and Con?
Posted by Daniel Sandoval on April 06, 19100 at 19:13:35:
HELP! I've got to make a decision, amd soon!

I want to hear from people who have had experiences, Good as well as Bad, regarding Life With Dark Bathroom Fixtures.

The design concept for our bathroom calls for dark (black) jetted tub, shower base, lavatories and toilet.

Lately, I have been alarmed by people (including Plumbing Showroom personnel) saying "DON'T DO IT! because you'll spend the rest of your life cleaning them."

OK... now, Are these the opinions of anal-retentive clean-freaks, or real people? I'm willing to endure a little extra maintenance for the sake of good design, but the comments I have heard lately have been a bit un-nerving.

If the responses I get are overwhelmingly negative, then explain why dark fixtures have been offered for many years. If they are so bad, why hasn't the demand fallen to the point where they are no longer offered for sale?

In case you haven't guessed, I really don't want to give up on black. I just want an honest set of opinions regarding what it would be like to live with them, cleaning methods, what they look live as they age, etc.

Please help me out!