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Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing on April 06, 19100 at 18:35:12:
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Kim:--The building inspector has to justify his charges for the service that he provides. I would be surprised if an inspector spent an hour or so on a property and found not a single thing amiss.
Your water service line from the meter or well house to your home may very well be old, it also may have many years of service still to offer.
There are new and improved ways to replace old water service lines that require no extensive digging and disruption. We replace water and gas lines by using a pipe bursting system. I am sure this is available in your area should you need this work done. It allows the old line to be pulled out by a backhoe at the street. As the old line is pulled out beneath the ground, a new line is simutaneously pulled in behind it. The only digging required is at the meter and at the house connection. No open cutting of driveways or digging up the front lawn or flower beds.
Ask your inspector exactly how long he thinks the piping will last..ask him how much it would cost to replace it...I'll bet he is wrong on both counts.
Be the house if you like it, and the only sticking point is the water service.
Lots of luck...Bud

: We're considering buying an older house in Massachusetts. The inspector said the main water service pipe was very old, steel, and could need to be replaced at any time. He said this would be expensive, but he had no idea how much -- 5,000? 20,000? Any ideas? Should we pass on this house? Thanks

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