Where can I find components needed to build custom hose?
Posted by David H on April 05, 19100 at 17:32:50:
My plumber is installing a whirlpool tub with the Kohler Cirrus faucet. What Kohler doesn't tell you is that you need hoses to connect the fill valves to the faucet. The hose should have a 3/4" female NPSM (garden hose threads) on one side and a 3/4"female NPT thread on the other. They have such a hose, but its only a foot long, and I need 7 feet! McMaster Carr has build-your-own hose and a male 3/4" fitting, but no NPSM end. I image other suppliers have more options but have had no luck finding any.

Plumber doesn't want to sweat pipe, as it would have to wrap around the tub, go around the pump, etc.

Any help grealy appreciated. (Local plumbing supply houses said they don't make hoses, and don't know where to get the work done.)

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