Re: Toilet Rough-In Clarification
Posted by Terry Love on April 05, 19100 at 16:56:27:
In response to Re: Toilet Rough-In Clarification
Many toilets will work with less than twelve inches. The best thing for you, if it's
already roughed in, is to assemble the toilet, set it against the wall and check the measurement.

: Oohh boy. Looks like I might have a 1/2" problem (don't know why I didn't think about this before...).

: Is there usually an allowance in this 12" standard or is 12" the absolute minimum?

: : They are referring to the measurement from the finished wall, whether that is drywall or tile.

: : : Just to clarify...

: : : When everyone talks about a 12" rough-in for a toilet drain, are we talking about 12" from the centre of the drain to the studs, or to the finished wall (i.e. drywall). I know it's only 1/2" or so, but that could make all the difference...

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