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Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on April 05, 19100 at 09:20:50:
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Marc:--Of course I do not know what the soil conditions in you area of the sountry are. Here is Florida it is not unusual to simply jet 4"-6"-8" lines under driveways..patios..sidewalks etc.
I also don't know the configuration of the patio that has been poured or its relationship to the swale. It is conceivable that by carefully digging underneath each end of the slab at the appropriate elevation (as far as you can reach with a shovel), you could reduce the actual length of the jet by ten feet. The swale on the uphill side would be the best side to start. A straight full length of pipe will give better results than trying to fit up several short sections
If soil conditions do not lend themselves to this type of retrofix, the use of a diamond blade deck saw can make an acceptable cut in the slab that can be made to look like the original planned construction. The cutting of the slab need not be from end to end..just a well dfined rectangle that will facilitate the after the fact drain installation. A 4-5 foot margin at either end would make the work be easilly accessible with a little creative shovel work.
Lots of Luck....Bud

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