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: I have removed the old bathroom floor and have removed the toilet. I plan to install 3/8" tile over 1/2" cement backer board. The closet flange is attached to the plywood subfloor, so I guess there will be a distance of about an inch between the flange and the finished floor. What is my best approach to this problem? I have seen the two wax rings method discussed and UltraSeal as well, but no comment on experience with the later. I was wondering if this is a good product, or if I should stay with the traditional methods. Or is there a better solution? Thanks.

If it is a 4" floor flange (cast Iron) you can break the flange out then do your tile and use a pvc 2 turn flange that goes down inside of the old cast iron. It will work on pvc also. If you do have 4" pvc with a 4" pvc flange the leave it alone and glue a 4x3 hub type floor flange inside the 4" pipe. 2 wax seals will work also with 3-1/2" bolts.
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