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Posted by Scott Bryan on April 04, 19100 at 14:17:31:
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: I live in a 75 year old home with a 17" rough in in one bathroom, apparently to accomodate a towel rack behind the tank. The current toilet (no visible brand name anywhere) is a low one-piece designed for a 12" rough in, leaving 6" behind the tank. The distance between the floor bolts and the end of the bowl is 12.5" leaving just enough clearance between the bowl an a bathtub. I guess what I need is a 14" rough-in, one-piece toilet with pressure assist and a round bowl, no such thing seems to exist, any ideas or alternatives??

: Jim, I have never seen a one piece toilet in 14". My only suggestion is to repair the old one. What's the problem? Can you take a picture of the parts inside the tank?


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