Help With Bathroom Remodel
Posted by Cathy on April 04, 19100 at 14:05:44:
My husband and I are moderate do-it-yourselfers and area in the middle of a master bath remodel.

We were ready to begin the new tub installation when we noticed that we have polybutylene pipes throughout our house. I have called the toll free number and they are sending us some info. Although we have had NO problems with the piping, my husband wants to replace them while we are inside the wall.

I don't think our builder installed the bathtub/shower piping correctly. Isn't the plumbing supposed to be anchored to a stud? Ours is not. It is just hanging in mid air. They went to the trouble to attach square blocks of wood to the front of the three stemmed faucet in three places so that it wouldn't hit the side of the tub enclosure. The pipe for the shower head is only held up by the shower head going through the wall.

How do we anchor the new CPVC pipes and faucet? Currently, there are three 2x4's on this end of the tub. The one in the center is turned 180 degrees from the other two. In other words, two of the 2x4's will attach to the wall but the other only attaches to one side of the wall.

Any help is appreciated.

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